About Cygnify Ltd

We help unlock your contact centre's potential.

Cygnify Ltd is an independent contact centre consultancy supporting small to medium-sized businesses. We offer objective advice and impartial feedback on a wide range of contact centre functions, including strategy, performance, and training. Our consultants are experienced contact centre practitioners with a minimum of 10 years of experience leading international contact centres.

Our approach is simple; we listen to your story, immerse ourselves in your business and discuss solutions with you. 

We recognise that every business is unique, so we don’t operate a rigid pricing model. We will work with you to find a commercial structure that is a good fit for your project. 

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Our Areas Of Expertise


Strategy creation

Define your contact centre vision, mission, objectives, and ultimately what success looks like. The create a strategic operating plan that outlines a road to success.


Operational performance

Identify performance chokepoints, operational risks, and opportunities for improvement.


Capability evaluation

Compare your strategy and aspirations versus systems and people ability, then construct a path to success


Customer journey mapping

Plot out your customer experiences in content-rich customer journey maps and identify key moments of truth, experience derailers, and opportunities for WOW moments.


Customer experience consulting

Review your contact centre value proposition, key customer touchpoints and customer emotion triggers. 


Business transformation

Collaborating on business change projects and creating execution plans.



Specializing in training skills like; Building rapport, handling complaints, structuring a call/email/live chat, sales-through-service and empathy.