Training Specialising in training skills like; Building rapport, handling complaints, structuring a call/email/live chat, sales-through-service and empathy.

Business transformation

Business transformation Collaborating on business change projects and creating execution plans.

Customer experience consulting

Customer experience consulting Review your contact centre value proposition, key customer touchpoints, and customer emotion triggers. 

Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping Plot out your customer experiences in content-rich customer journey maps and identify key moments of truth, experience derailers, and opportunities for WOW moments.

Capability evaluation

Capability evaluation Compare your strategy and aspirations versus systems and people ability, then construct a path to success.

Operational performance

Operational performance Identify performance chokepoints, operational risks, and opportunities for improvement.

Strategy creation

Strategy creation Define your contact centre vision, mission, objectives, and ultimately what success looks like. Then create a strategic operating plan that outlines a road to success.